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Guannan He

Assistant Professor

Tel: 010-82524866

Email: gnhe at pku dot edu dot cn

Office: Room 1004, Wangkezhen Building, 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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  • MIT-Shell Project: Exploring Power and Transport Sector
  • Decarbonization Pathways via Direct and Indirect Use of Electricity 9/2019-present
  • 4/2018-1/2019 Breakthrough Energy Venture Project: Intermittent Renewable Electricity to Commodities
  • 8/2016-8/2019 US DOE SHINES Project: Agent-Based Coordination Scheme For PV Integration
  • 3/2014-6/2016 UK-China Collaborative Research Project: Business, Economics, Planning and Policy for Energy Storage in Low-Carbon Futures
  • 4/2015-6/2016 Northeast China Power Grid Research Project: Reserve Market Design and Simulation for the Northeast China Power Grid.
  • 3/2015-6/2016 China Southern Power Grid Research Project: Technology and Economics for Multi-Application Energy Storage in Power Grid.
  • 2/2015-6/2016 North China Power Grid Research Project: Regulation Market Design and Simulation for the North China Grid.