Journal Papers

11. Hydrogen Supply Chain Planning with Flexible Transmission and Storage Schedulin
G. HeD. S. Mallapragada, A. Bose, C. F. Heuberger, and E. Gençer
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energyin press. Preprint

10. Power System Dispatch with Marginal Degradation Cost of Battery Storage
G. He, S. Kar, J. Mohammadi, P. Moutis, and J. F. Whitacre
IEEE Transactions on Power Systemsin press. Link

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G. HeJ. Michalek, S. Kar, Q. Chen, D. Zhang,  and J. F. Whitacre
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G. He, R. Ciez, P. Moutis, S. Kar, and J. F. Whitacre
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G. He, Q. Chen, P. Moutis, S. Kar, and J. F. Whitacre
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6. Cooperation of Wind Power and Battery Storage to Provide Frequency Regulation in Power Markets
G. He, Q. Chen, C. Kang, Q. Xia, and K. Poolla
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 3559-3568, 2017. Link

5. Optimal Bidding Strategy of Battery Storage in Power Markets Considering Performance-Based Regulation and Battery Cycle Life
G. He, Q. Chen, C. Kang, P. Pinson, and Q. Xia
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4. Optimal Offering Strategy for Concentrating Solar Power Plants in Joint Energy, Reserve and Regulation Markets
G. He, Q. Chen, C. Kang, and Q. Xia
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3. Optimal Operating Strategy and Revenue Estimates for the Arbitrage of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Considering Dynamic Efficiencies and Capacity Loss
G. He, Q. Chen, C. Kang, P. Pinson, and Q. Xia
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 1278-1285, 2016. Link

2. Evaluating the Contribution of Energy Storage to Support Large-Scale Renewable Generation in Joint Energy and Ancillary Service Markets
P. Zou, Q. Chen, Q. Xia, G. He, and C. Kang
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1. Pool Equilibria Including Strategic Storage Systems
P. Zou, Q. Chen, Q. Xia, G. He, C. Kang, and A.J. Conejo 
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Conference Papers

2. Spatiotemporal Arbitrage of Large-Scale Portable Energy Storage for Grid Congestion Relief
G. He, D. Zhang, X. Pi, Q. Chen, S. Kar, and J. F. Whitacre
in IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2019 IEEE, pp.1-5, 2019.

1. Modeling and Algorithm to Find the Economic Equilibrium for Pool-based Electricity Market with the Changing Generation Mix
P. Zou, Q. Chen, Q. Xia, C. Kang, G. He, and X. Chen
In Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2015 IEEE, pp.1-5, 2015.

Book Chapter

1. Chapter 10 - A Survey of Recent Developments and Requirements for Modern Power System Control
P. Moutis, H. Amini, I.A. Khan, G. HeJ. Mohammadi, S. Kar, and J. F. Whitacre
Pathways to a Smarter Power SystemAcademic Press, pp. 289-315, 2019. Link